About Us

Driven from our love for nature and the outdoors, we started as a small workshop in 2018 to create hand-crafted tables for our friends. We believe that taking from our planet is not our purpose and business unusual must be sustainable. Since day one, we have always strived to create something that will last a lifetime by using nature’s oldest raw materials. 

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Meet The Team


Co-founder / Production


As a person, I have always been somewhat of a creative in any possible way. Though I never knew what creative is, it just became a lifestyle. I devoted myself to studying geography and travel as much as possible which essentially made me a nature advocate. I guess one thing led to another and the love for natures real beauty and craftsmanship in its essence made tAble design came to life. My job is to ensure the beautiful design and the quality match our criteria as well as to supervise our suppliers on the sustainable timber and materials used.


Co-founder / Marketing

Hi! I’m Nick! I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria where I spent the first 20 years of my life. At 21, I had the amazing chance to travel around the world. This trip gave me a much broader view of our planet and pushed me out of my comfort zone. The whole time I was travelling I was thinking of ways to contribute to our planet’s future. Luckily, my friend also had a similar goal, and we combined our efforts into starting – tAble design. My job in the company mainly revolves around marketing and operations.

We at tAble Design commit to you and our planet that for every order we receive, we will collaborate with Bulgarian schools to plant three trees in urban areas. Making young people realise that they can be part of the climate change solution and combining urban greening with a lesson in ecology is our way of ensuring that tAble gives back to the planet. We pledge to always look for more ways to enhance the sustainability of our tAble creation cycle.