Designer wood furniture looks great in every space. Whether a classic or industrial, wooden furniture ages beautifully and, if you look after it properly your solid hardwood table can give you a lifetime of service and beauty. However, wood tabletops are subject to shrinkage, warping, and seasonal cracks because of the natural moisture within the wood adapting to the changes in temperature and humidity. While not usual, such occurrences are an unavoidable condition of enjoying the character and beauty of a living material. They are not defects in the products or their manufacture and are beyond the control of tAble Design. Such occurrences are nonstructural and will not affect the durability of the table.

Our table collections (dining and coffee) use a variety of natural and treated timbers like oak, beech, ash, maple and walnut.

Common Wood Types


Oak furniture will naturally appear quite light with a slightly yellowed hue, when new and unfinished. All woods, however, can have notable colour variation from one piece to another, as with any natural product. Any sample products should be taken as indicative of the wood and finish, however, it is not possible to guarantee a complete colour tone.

Sunlight will cause the wood to darken and mellow over time. Oils in the skin will speed-up this process with any areas that are regularly touched, such as table edges, gaining a noticeably darker tint to the rest of the furniture.


Beech is typically a pale cream colour, sometimes with a pink or brown hue. The grain is straight, with a fine to a medium uniform texture. Moderate natural luster. The furniture received will be truly beautiful and have a light colour that fits well for each room.


Ash behaves in a similar way as oak, in contrast to oak, ash has a slightly narrower grain. Again, as with oak, ash will darken over the years.

Maple / available upon request

Maple wood is incredibly strong, looks amazing, and stains nicely. Maple has a light creamy colour, smooth grain pattern, giving finished pieces a simple, clean look.

Walnut / available upon request

Walnut is one of the most versatile and popular table making woods. Walnut is strong, hard and durable. The wood ranges in colour from light to dark brown. The colour of walnut is also affected by the area in which it grows. Walnut wood is rich in colour and finishes well.

Stained Wood

Some of our table collections will include stained versions of the woods described above, usually in oak or beech, adding more protection from spillages.

Staining also adds a greater level of colour control between batches, however, as the stain is still applied to a natural surface, there will still be some level of natural variation between pieces.

General Wood Care

Finish: unless otherwise specified, our collections of wood furniture are usually finished in a durable clear matt natural wood oils. This provides durable finish that doesn't compromise the natural beauty of the wood grain.

Care: solid woods may expand and shrink with differences in temperature and humidity. Here are some ways to ensure your solid hardwood furniture’s longevity:


  • Do not to place your furniture next to radiators or anywhere subject to excessive changes in temperature or moisture content.

  • Position table out of direct sunlight or adjust blinds to avoid hour after hour of direct sunlight.

  • Use coasters with non-scratching bottoms.

  • Use padding under all sharp, hot, or cold objects.

  • Any spillages should be wiped away immediately.

  • Avoid using nail polish remover, alcohol, and other solvents near or on the table.

Cleaning: To clean, wipe with a damp cloth before buffing with a dry cloth. In the event of more stubborn marks, soapy water should be used on the cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals or silicone-based polish products as they’re absorbed easily by the wood and cause damage to your table.

In addition to regular care and preventive measures, your solid wood table deserves some minor occasional pampering. It is recommended that twice a year, you polish your table using a suitable clear wax. Use two soft, lint-free cloths: one to apply the wax and another to polish. 

Heat: never place hot items such as dishes directly onto the table without using a heat resistant mat as direct heat will draw out the moisture in the wood leaving a ring mark ingrained into the wood.


Oiled Wood Care

Finish: applied by hand. The pre-oiled finish enhances the open grained appearance of the wood giving it a slightly more rustic, matt finish. tAble's oiled furniture is finished with a natural wood finishes by Osmo or boiled linseed oil combined with beeswax. Oils enhance the natural tone of wood by creating permanent wet effect.

All the oils we use are made from a blend of natural oils and waxes and are food safe. Once dry, the oil is safe for humans, animals and plants.

Care: despite having already been pre-oiled, as best practice, we would also recommend that you oil the table surface 12 - 18 months depending on its usage. How regularly you re-apply oil to your table will vary based on the humidity & temperature of your room. Take care not to over-oil the table & always test the oil on a small, unseen area before applying a full coat.


Step by step oiling:

  • Clean the tabletop with a damp cloth to remove any dust and particles.

  • Stir well before applying.

  • Apply thinly and evenly along the wood grain using a lint-free cloth or microfiber roller. Don’t pour the oil directly onto the table.

  • Once the entire surface has been lightly coated in a thin and even layer, wait for approximately 20 minutes and wipe the surface in the direction of the grain.

  • Allow for good ventilation whilst drying. Allow the finish to dry for 8-12 hours.

  • Apply a second coat as before.

Scratching is a natural part of owning wood furniture. Any light scratches and marks should be fixed prior to any oil reapplication. The scratches can be removed by lightly sanding the damaged area using fine sandpaper (180 grit). Remember: always sand in the direction of the grain. Make sure to clean away any dust before refinishing using the oiling steps above. However, it is recommended that you consult us or a professional before doing so.

Steel legs

Raw steel is the best option for those who like the natural, raw look. We coat our raw steel legs with wax prior to leaving our workshop. Waxing creates a good barrier between the moisture in the air and the metal surface. We do offer tailor finishes for our steel to give a hard-wearing coating, protecting from rust and enhancing the industrial steel finish. If you desire something extra special, you can have a perfect match for your room with a custom powder-coated base in any RAL (a colour matching system used in Europe) colour.

Care: Re-waxing needs every 12 months to protect the steel from rusting. To re-wax, your steel simply wipe down the steel with a dry cloth to remove any dust. Then apply a thin coat of wax, as a thick coat could attract dust. Using a new clean cloth, buff the entire surface. For powder-coated finishes please do not apply wax. These surfaces are already protected.

Cleaning: Use a soft cloth to wipe clean. Do not use abrasive sponges on the surface. Any spills should be immediately wiped completely dry with a soft rag.

Repair Kit & Maintenance Kit

No matter how careful you are and despite the high quality woods and protective finishes we use tabletops are susceptible to scratches and abrasions. This why we want to make sure you have all the necessary equipment to fix minor scratches and properly maintain your table.

With every dining table order tAble Design will provide you with a Repair Kit & Maintenance Kit. 

For serious damages or dents, we do recommend that you contact a professional carpenter.

Repair Kit Items:


  • Wood finish

  • Sand paper

  • Lint-free Cloth

  • Protective gloves

Maintenance Kit Items:

  • Wax polish - contains beeswax, carnauba oil , boiled linseed oil, coconut oil, menthol oil, walnut oil and pine oil. This is an extremely rich mix of oils and waxes that nourish, clean, restore and protect your tabletop.

  • Two microfiber cloths