Table Top Materials

Our table collections use a variety of natural and treated timbers like oak, beech, ash, maple and walnut. The first step towards building your own piece is choosing a material that suits your idea.


Walnut is a straight-grained hardwood with deep chocolate colour. It is one of the most expensive of all the hardwood varieties. The walnut expresses baldness and contemporary looks wherever it may be applied.



Oak is a hardwood that tends to be very grainy and is known for its strength and beauty. The classic wood adds the extra spice of strength in your reception room or conference. 


Beechwood is very solid wood with a reddish colour that can even surpass oak. Timber is usually stable, elastic, very tough and heavy. The durability of such wood in combination with fine straight and even texture makes it perfect for just about anywhere. 


Ashwood is stable and elastic and has a distinctive grain. Ashwood has a unique appearance that can add more glam and charm to any home decor with its creamy light colour it enhances the experience of home.


Maple is one of the hardest wood species and ultra-durable. A combination of a creamy, brown and reddish colour, it certainly makes an appearance. Excellent wood for a rather bespoke furniture and tables.


Elm is similar to ash, being tough and fibrous with flowery patterns and straight grain. The tree has an interlocking grain where the wood grain spirals upwards, but in contrasting directions in different annual rings. This makes the wood very rigid.